Lisa S

Marketing Head

I own 10 homes with NRIA and the experience up to this point has been impeccable.

” I own 10 homes with NRIA and the experience up to this point has been impeccable. They’re not only involved every step of the way, but are also very knowledgeable and always there to give advice and suggestions. They’re very on top of everything, organize every detail, and essentially nothing was required from me besides providing documents that were asked for to qualify.

…Our expectations have definitely been exceeded. I feel that with the financing in particular, because it’s an area that could take a lot out of somebody when handling alone. But at NRIA, they take control of the entire process from beginning to end. With 10 different properties, things can be even more chaotic – but they’ve done a tremendous job getting the financing in place for each home. Everything that was promised to us has been delivered, which I’ve seen happen over several years now..

…In terms of the ‘Fast Build Guarantee,’ it’s always been honored on every home and the quality of construction is exceptional. I’ve seen it in person many times. With solid granite countertops, beautiful wooden cabinets, very high end materials, it’s not what you would expect to see in big development projects in the center of a major city like Philadelphia. Personally, I’ve been involved in many, similar sized projects before outside of NRIA and the quality was poor. So I’m very happy with what NRIA builds.

…The ‘Rent Guarantee’ NRIA provides doesn’t exist anywhere else in the market today. I’ve never seen or come across anything like it and nobody I’ve spoken to has either. In addition to the guarantee, the rental rates are very high. The property managers that work with NRIA do a great job. My homes are always rented out quickly – sometimes, even faster than we anticipated, very shortly after closing. I haven’t had any situations where the renters came in under the anticipated rent. The values have been there every time, if not greater than what was anticipated.

…My plan with NRIA is long term. We expect to hold on to these properties, allowing the tenants to pay off the mortgage in full for the next 30 years. After that point, we’ll collect the rent as retirement income. “

Fred K.

The NRIA system is a very rapid way to increase your total net worth

” The NRIA system is a very rapid way to increase your total net worth. It gives me great leverage. The equity is for the long term. I’ve never heard of properties with a ‘Rent Guarantee’ and this made all the difference to me. This guarantee is very important because it minimizes a lot of risk when owning a rental home. I’m pleased to have an opportunity like this. “

Anajan V.

This is my first property and the customer service has been tremendous

” This is my first property and the customer service has been tremendous. I was very pleased with the construction quality – but the main thing that impressed me was the accuracy. NRIA told me things would be done at a certain time, and they were. The amount of starting, built-in equity in my new home is very exciting! I’ve already told numerous friends who are reaching out to NRIA to see if they qualify. “

Josephine A.

I’ve done 5 properties with NRIA

” I’ve done 5 properties with NRIA. I’m a business woman by trade with high expectations and everything involving NRIA was done to perfection. The quality of construction is magnificent and the properties are equity rich. “

Angelo C.

It’s amazing – there’s nothing like it!

” I’ve owned many different types of properties and there’s always been high taxes cutting into my cash flows. I’ve never seen or heard of any real-estate venture where the taxes are this low. It’s amazing – there’s nothing like it!

…I have two young children and, the way I look at it, this huge built-in equity will be used for our family’s future. To have a first time experience that’s been so positive makes me very eager to continue investing with NRIA. “

Ritesh P.

I have acquired 3 properties with NRIA.

The equity in my homes will help me pay off my children’s college tuition and retire more quickly. The tax abatement is another reason I got into this – because it helps build even more equity into my homes overall. It’s a big advantage that you just can’t find anywhere else.

…With the ‘Rent Guarantee’ you feel more secure because you’re investing in something that has NRIA’s word behind it. So far, everything that I’ve been told the past 4 years has been accurate. “

Phil A.

We are very happy with the final value, especially the equity.

” We are very happy with the final value, especially the equity. Throughout the process you wonder, ‘Is this too good to be true?’ but once you see the final numbers, everything starts to make sense.

…The NRIA staff has been great to work with. They’re very responsive to my questions; clearing up any ambiguities. This is a really great deal and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to invest. “

Nick P.

NRIA has a very well rounded and experienced team

” In the beginning you have some skepticism. Then, once you close and see what the big banks have appraised the home for, you’re like, ‘Wow, when can I do another one?!’

…The amenities are great – especially because I’ve done my fair share of shopping around. The construction is excellent. Throughout the duration of the build, the staff helped so much. They turned what can be a very hectic process into a very bearable one by constantly communicating with me and having foresight. I didn’t have to go through any headaches such as obtaining building permits, or going through inspections, or zoning. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC has a very well rounded and experienced team who handled that process for me. “

Ben G.

Customer service at NRIA has been fantastic!

” Customer service at NRIA has been fantastic! I’ve spoken to most of the people involved in the day to day operations and everyone has been extremely responsive.

…Not only was the quality of the construction fantastic but I was also able to observe everything as it was being installed – such as chrome finishes, hardwood flooring, expert lighting, large bay windows, and it all came together beautifully.

…The ‘Rent Guarantee’ is probably the most amazing part about this deal. I’m worry free when it comes to vacancies. I mean, never before have I seen an investment with similar protection. “

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