• 1. Review High Return, Real Estate Investment Opportunities with your Project Manager

    Review the high return, investment properties featured in National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC’s exclusive marketplace. All NRIA investment properties are located in prime, city neighborhoods, purchased at deeply discounted rates, and yield a minimum $150,000 equity return to you ASAP. Your project manager handles all the details.

  • 2. Reserve Your Investment Property before It’s Gone

    Reserve your desired investment property by submitting a refundable good faith deposit of $11,900. Your deposit is fully refundable for a minimum of 15 days from the date of submission. This time period can be further extended up until the time your application is accepted, financing is approved for you, and the property has been assigned to you.

  • 3. Receive Financing

    Submit an application and allow the NRIA team to coordinate financing for your investment property with the construction bank. Our clients are privy to the most cutting edge financing options available. For example, qualified investors can receive 100% financing with only $11,900 cash-in. Or, if desired, they can temporarily “park” cash in a project (for interest savings) and receive 100% of their “parked” cash back during the refinance process. This is our near “zero” net cash-in ownership model.

  • 4. Sit Back & Relax during Construction

    Sit back and relax while the NRIA team audits and oversees the construction of your brand new, luxury investment townhome. NRIA properties are built under the highest quality standards and with the most select, energy efficient materials at the forefront of the construction industry. As added safety for our clients, your builder is contractually obligated to build on time, or else they pay you a substantial, daily penalty fee. Plus, your construction price is fixed – so there are never any cost surprises along the way. Certified banking inspection reports are emailed to clients every 3-6 weeks so they can view up-to-date construction progress easily and effortlessly.

  • 5. Enjoy the Benefits of Guaranteed Rents & Professional Property Management

    Collect guaranteed rents and let guaranteed tenants pay down your mortgage each month. Enjoy positive economic cash flows and home appreciation. Plus, professional property management ensures hands-free, absentee ownership and the handling of all tenant and property details. All you have to do is deposit your monthly rent check.

  • 6. Allow NRIA to Orchestrate Your Property’s Resale & Collect a Substantial Equity Return

    When you’re ready to sell, just give us the word and the NRIA team will coordinate all details of your property’s resale with your property manager and the top realtors in town. From staging your home with furniture and artwork, to open houses, showing, and closing, it’s a completely managed process. Simply show up at your settlement and be prepared to collect an extraordinary, built-in, equity return!

Client Reviews & Testimonials

“I own 10 homes with NRIA and the experience up to this point has been impeccable.”

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Portfolio of Finished Projects

Our team has successfully completed over 600 equity rich investment properties.

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Our clients have generated more than $400 Million of equity from their $30 Million of cash-in invested.

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