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Established in 2006


Target core / urban / infill / high-growth markets continually transforming or in the midst of revitalization where significant demand drivers will consistently lead long-term rent, unit sales, and property value growth.


Experienced cohesive team executing on a specific product type and investment plan through market cycles. Leverage an extensive network with our internal underwriting, credit, construction / asset management, and capital markets expertise.


Full transparency and access is always granted to our investment partners on current projects, and our extensive pipeline of institutional-quality opportunities in select markets.


Ultimately offer investors a scalable and repeatable superior risk-adjusted return.

900Projects Completed over last Decade
$500Min delivered asset value since 2010

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Art Scutaro, VP, Independent Project Management for NRIA, LLC, talks to WOR Radio about how

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Le 23 is one of NRIA's proudest developments. Located in the heart of the Prime

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Located Less than a quarter line of east Atlantic Avenue. Visit website

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Take a look at our progress at Blackhorse Alley. As of last month, 3 units

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SONO 26 is finishing nicely and all common areas are completed and operating. All unites

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The first units have just appraised and finished. The builder can now move down the

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